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Guides League of Angels 3

  • Guide – Relic

    Guide – Relic

    Relic Available by the icon Relics come in different qualities: Usual Rare Epic Legendary Mythical Artifact Each relic consists of components. The higher the quality of the relic, the more components it consists of. First you need to open each component of the relic. After that, you can open the …Дальше »
  • Guide – How to activate a gift code

    Guide – How to activate a gift code

    How to activate a gift code To activate a gift code enter Reward Hall. Then go to the gift code tab. Copy (Ctrl + C) the received promo code and paste it into the field (Ctrl + V). Then click the Get button. Items from the promo code will drop …Дальше »
  • Guide – Companions

    Guide – Companions

    Companions Available by the icon Basic Info In this tab, you can see information about the pet (activated and not activated): quality, type, level, merge, purification, skills, etc. Companions’ quality: Rare Epic Legendary Legendary+ Mythic Artifact Types: Heal ATK An activated pet can follow you, it can be recalled or …Дальше »
  • Guide – Transfer

    Guide – Transfer

    Transfer Available by the icon Unlocks at character at 30 level. Hero Rebirth If you have pumped any hero incorrectly, you can reset his progress. After rebirth, all resources invested in this hero are returned. You can only reset a pumped hero. The first rebirth attempt in a week is …Дальше »
  • Guide – Recruit

    Guide – Recruit

    Recruit Available by the icon Unlocks at character level 14. For hire (regular and Elite), you can get: A whole hero Parts of heroes Souls of heroes Normal recruit Initially, only Regular hire is available. Elite will open after completing the “Despair and Hope” quest. To participate in this recruitment, …Дальше »
  • Guide – Outfits

    Guide – Outfits

    Outfits Available by icon The costume includes: head outfit radiance It is not necessary to wear parts of the same costume, you can make an outfit from different parts of different costumes. To open a new outfit, follow the appropriate requirements or open the appropriate items. Getting a Suit: Guild …Дальше »
  • Guide – Valentine Day

    Guide – Valentine Day

    Click the icon Valentine day Elite dungeon Duration – 5 days. Go through the elite subterraneus and obtain the special items for exchange to rewards! You obtain an item Sweet Chocolate after the successful passage of elite subterrane. But after the end of the event this item will disappear. Lucky …Дальше »
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  • Guide – Mount/Wings

    Guide – Mount/Wings

    Mount Available by the icon Quality of mounts: Rare Epic Legendary Mythic Mounts have their own stats and can give placed heroes a bonus stats. The main character can only ride one mount at a time. The mount can be improved by increasing its rank. With an increase in rank, …Дальше »
  • Guide – Magic Circle

    Guide – Magic Circle

    Magic Circle Available by the icon Mara Circle Thea Circle Charge magic circles to get bonuses to parameters for the entire squad. Some circles contain runes. By improving such circles, you will also improve the runes. Runes give bonuses to the parameters of the tethered hero. You can socket the …Дальше »
  • Guide – Quest

    Guide – Quest

    Quest Available by the icon It opens immediately after you start your journey in the game. Main Here you can see all the storyline (main) tasks and the rewards for their completion. The main tasks can be completed only once. Passing them, you will receive a lot of experience of …Дальше »
  • Guide – Hero

    Guide – Hero

    Hero Available by the icon Info In this tab, you can see the complete information on each activated hero. All heroes are unique, have two identical heroes is forbidden. Hero quality Hero type and personal talent Pet protection – which pet is protecting this hero Amulet – what amulet is …Дальше »
  • Guide – Resources wars

    Guide – Resources wars

    Resources wars Available by clicking on the icon Opens at the 73d level of the character. All mines located at the same level have the same resource production. The further from the beginning the level is, the less resource production. Most of the resources can be obtained at the first …Дальше »
  • Guide – Arena

    Guide – Arena

    Arena Available by the icon Opens on the 52-d level of the hero. To participate in the Arena call another gamers to the game (Challenge button). Attention: You can do battle quickly to save some time. If You win the player which has a higher rank than Yours, You are …Дальше »
  • Guide – Traveler’s

    Guide – Traveler’s

    Traveler’s Available by clicking on the icon Basic Info Amulets come in different qualities: Epic Legendary Artifact Mythic Each amulet has its own type: DEF ATK Heal To activate the amulet, you need to collect the required number of its parts. Parts of the amulets can only be obtained in …Дальше »
  • Guide – Alchimia

    Guide – Alchimia

    Alchimia Available by the icon Opens at the 18th level of the main character. Exchange Diamonds to get Gold. One free trade attempt is available daily. The number of exchanges per day is limited (with VIP0, 10 attempts are available daily). By increasing the VIP level, the number of available …Дальше »
  • Guide – Login Reward

    In this guide we will focus on the opening event of the “Login Reward» The essence of the event is that you will receive some bonuses and rewards just for entering the game seven days (not necessarily in a row). Now more about the rewards you can get: Day 1 …Дальше »
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  • Guide – First time recharge

    Any player who buys game currency automatically takes part in the event “First time recharge» Having made in the game replenishment of any amount, you get a nice bonus in the form of a very good starter kit, which includes: 1. Legendary character Omen 2. Eternity chest, from which you …Дальше »
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  • Guide – Reward Hall

    This guide will focus on the event “Reward Hall”, in which you have the opportunity to receive awards under certain conditions and the use of promotional codes. Let’s take a closer look at all categories and awards. Daily Sign-in Awards in this category you can get every day when you …Дальше »
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  • Guide – New server rank

    Only during the first week after the opening of a new server in the game is available a number of special events that will help you to develop your character and loudly declare yourself! “BR King” Increase the power of your characters to get unique prizes that will not only …Дальше »
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  • Guide – Level Up Gift

    Event “Level Up Gift» With this event, everything is simple – when you reach certain levels, you can get rewards in this event. Awards are given for achievement of levels: 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 110, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220. As …Дальше »
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