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Guide “First time recharge»

Guide “First time recharge»

Any player who buys game currency automatically takes part in the event “First time recharge»


Having made in the game replenishment of any amount, you get a nice bonus in the form of a very good starter kit, which includes:

1. Legendary character Omen

2. Eternity chest, from which you can get one of the four items of legendary equipment Eternity – sword, helmet, armor or belt.

3. 100 units of Stamina required to undergo various dungeons and trials

4. 2M Gold for leveling (skills, experience, etc.))

5. Mount Adv. Stone (200 PCs). Item for pumping mount.

6. Soul Flask I (500 PCs). With this item you can significantly increase the basic parameters of the character

As mentioned earlier, all of these items will be yours if you make a payment of any amount, even the minimum.

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