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Guide – Traveler’s

Guide – Traveler’s


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Basic Info

Amulets come in different qualities:

  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Artifact
  • Mythic

Each amulet has its own type:

  • DEF
  • ATK
  • Heal

To activate the amulet, you need to collect the required number of its parts. Parts of the amulets can only be obtained in game events or in the League Store. Parts cannot be obtained in permanent events.

The amulet can be displayed, then it will fly next to the main character.

The properties of the equipped amulet are effective for all heroes in the formation.

Each amulet has its own skill.


Raising the level of an amulet is effective only for the owner.

To raise the level, use the item Seal of amulet experience (different levels).

The seal of the amulet’s experience can be obtained in the League Store or Events (cannot be obtained in permanent events).


Special resources are used to augment new stars.

There are 10 nodes between 2 adjacent stars that need to be opened. Each open node gives bonus stats. An open star will greatly increase the stat bonus.

At the augmentation of a certain level, an additional cell opens in Hardening.

To augment use the Amulet Parts and the Charm Augment Sigil item.

The higher the level of augmentation is, the more items will be required.

The Charm Augment Sigill can be obtained from the League Store or Events (cannot be obtained in Permanent Events).

Skill Amplify

For amplification, use the Charm Reforge Stone item.

Amplifying stone can be obtained in the League Store or Events (cannot be obtained in permanent events).

When reforring the Amulet, a random parameter or skill is added. In cells 1 star. and 3 stars. you can activate the skill, in the rest – the basic parameters.

When you press the Hardening button, the parameter will change.

If the obtained parameter (on the right) is better than the previous one (on the left), then the change must be saved by clicking the Replace button.

Each parameter indicates how much it adds now and what the maximum parameter can be.

You can also use the Premium Charm Reforge Stone, which can be obtained from the League Store or Events (cannot be obtained in permanent events).

Then you are guaranteed to get a parameter or skill of the legendary level or higher.

To open additional cells for Tempering, it is necessary that the Amulet Fusion reaches a certain level.


The activated Gallery adds options.

By opening Amulets and raising the level of their merging, you can open and improve the gallery.

To activate this gallery, you need to collect amulets Key from the tower and Azor.

To raise the level of the Gaia’s Blessing gallery, you need to merge level 2 amulets:


An open amulet can be put on any hero in the ranks. Then the selected hero will receive the parameters of the amulet.

Drag the amulet from the list on the left side to the desired hero.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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