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Guide – Carnival

Guide – Carnival


Available by icon

Duration – 5 days.

The event store is available for 6 days.

Elite Dungeons

Collect festival items in elite dungeons and exchange them for rewards!

The subject of the festival is Pumpkin Pie.

Warning: Pumpkin Pie will disappear after the event ends.

Press the Go button to go to the Elite Challenge location.


To participate in the Roulette, you need a Thanksgiving Card item or 100 Topazes.

Warning: the item will disappear after the event ends.

For each game, you will get all the items from the middle row when the spin stops.

Special Prizes are available in the 3rd column.

If you use the Reward button x5, then you can get 5 times more rewards.

You can view the available rewards for each column by clicking the Prize Pool button.

All the prizes you have won can be viewed by clicking the Prize button.


Exchange festival items for rare items and resources in the event store.

Items required for exchange:

  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Turkey Dinner

The following tabs are available for sharing in the Store:

  • Outfit
  • Exclusive
  • Cultivation I
  • Cultivation II

The number of exchanges of each product is limited.

A party

Complete certain tasks during the event and earn valuable rewards.

Resetting tasks at 00: 00.

Party II

Complete certain tasks during the event and get nice rewards.

Resetting tasks at 00: 00.

Party III

If certain conditions are met, you can get additional festival items.

Reset at 00: 00.

Additional events of the Carnival

Available by icons

Additional tasks are available for you, for which you can get pleasant rewards and festival items.:

  • Part of the heroes
  • Items activate the suits 
  • A variety of resources of gain 
  • and more

Attention: rewards may vary from event to event.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed as additional information becomes available.

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