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Guide – Relic

Guide – Relic


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Relics come in different qualities:

  • Usual
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Artifact

Each relic consists of components. The higher the quality of the relic, the more components it consists of.

First you need to open each component of the relic. After that, you can open the relic itself.

When a new relic is activated, bonuses of relic parameters and relic skills will be added.

The parameters of a relic depend on all of its components and give parameter bonuses to all placed heroes and the main character.

An activated relic can be improved, thereby increasing the skill level of the relic (each relic has its own skill). Upgrading a relic is limited to the upgrade levels of its components.

Some relic upgrade levels unlock stage bonuses that give additional stat bonuses.

Upgrading Relic Components

Click on the needed component:


You can use the components themselves and the enhancement tools (additional ingredients) to increase the component’s enhancement level, thereby increasing the component’s parameters.

The upgrade level of a component is limited by the upgrade level of the relic of which it is a part.

When a component’s improvement reaches a certain level, it will unlock a stage bonus, further increasing the component’s parameters.

Enhancing a component requires Cobalt and an enhancement tool.

Cobalt Stone can be gotten:

  • Store
  • Conquest
  • Shop
  • another games events

The tool for improving each component is different. The higher the level of improvement, the more components will be required.


Сomponents can be gotten:

  • Ritual Evocation
  • Conquest
  • Shop
  • other game events


Every stars’ level component consists of 8 levels.

You can use the augment tools to increase the star level. When a star level reaches the progress required for each class, the parameters of the components are increased by a certain percentage.

Each merge has a critical chance of a merge that doubles progress.

When the augment level reaches stage 8, you can increase the star level. If successful, it will increase the stat bonus, which will further increase the component’s stats by a certain percentage.

To increase the level of augment, you need a Starstone (it can be of different levels, depending on the level of fusion).

Starstone can be gotten:

  • Guild Shop
  • VIP Store
  • Operation Event


Available by the icon

A free ritual summon is available once a day.

Use Toril’s Manual item or diamonds to summon.

For a certain number of calls, you are guaranteed to receive an epic relic component.


Available by the icon

Collect relics that meet the requirements for opening a collection. The collection will open only when all requirements are met.

An open collection gives a BR bonus. Collection bonuses are cumulative.

The opening conditions are divided into those related to the sum of the stars of the relic components and the promotion of the relics.

You can see the bonus that this or that collection will add.

And the general bonus of already open collections.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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