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Guide – Recruit

Guide – Recruit


Available by the icon

Unlocks at character level 14.

For hire (regular and Elite), you can get:

  • A whole hero
  • Parts of heroes
  • Souls of heroes

Normal recruit

Initially, only Regular hire is available. Elite will open after completing the “Despair and Hope” quest.

To participate in this recruitment, you need a Recruitment Scroll I, which can be obtained:

  • World boss shop
  • Castle Raid Shop
  • various game events

Using Normal Hire, you can get:

  • A whole hero
  • Parts of heroes
  • Souls of heroes

There are two free attempts per day:

  • From 12:00 to 14:00
  • From 18:00 to 20:00

Attention: it is impossible to carry out the Normal hire for Diamonds or Topaz.

Elite recruit

1 free trial is given per day.

The first paid attempt will cost 150 Diamonds, subsequent attempts – 300 Diamonds.

The first 30 elite hires per week can be made with Diamonds or Topaz. Follow-up only for Topaz.

You can use the Scroll of Hiring II, which can be obtained:

  • VIP store
  • Guild Store
  • League of heroes
  • various game events

For every 10 recruits, you are guaranteed to receive a Legendary Hero.

There is a chance to get a Legendary + hero.

If, with any recruitment, you get a whole hero that you already have, it will automatically be converted into parts of the hero.

From a sufficient number of parts, you can assemble a whole hero or carry out the Merge or the Benefit of an existing one.

In order to assemble a hero from parts, go to the Backpack (the Parts section).

Unnecessary hero parts can be converted into Souls, which can be used in the Inventory to purchase the required hero parts.

To exchange unnecessary parts, go to the Gallery, then to the Hero’s Soul section.

Select unnecessary parts and click Get.

Souls come in different qualities:

  • Rare soul
  • Epic soul
  • Legendary soul
  • Mythical soul

To exchange souls of lower quality for souls of higher quality, go to the Soul Exchange section:

A rare soul is exchanged for an Epic:

  • 1 Epic Soul = 5 Rare Souls

An Epic Soul is exchanged for a Legendary:

  • 1 Legendary Soul = 10 Epic

Attention: you cannot exchange Legendary souls for Mythic souls.

Mythical Souls can be obtained:

  • during the hiring
  • when exchanging parts of mythical heroes
  • in various game events
  • in the VIP store


Unlocks at level 69 of the main character.

Here you can get the components of the Relics.

The ritual can be performed for Diamonds: the first attempt per day costs 150 Diamonds, the next – 300 Diamonds.

For every 4 summons, you are guaranteed to receive an epic Relic component.

After the timer expires, 1 free trial is given.

Also, for the Ritual, you can use the Toril Guide item, which can be obtained:

  • VIP store
  • Guild Store
  • various game events

During the Ritual, if you don’t want to wait, you can skip the animation.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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