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Guide – Buy One Get One Free

Guide – Buy One Get One Free

Buy One Get One Free

Available by сlicking on the icon

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Buy discounted items and get a second item as a gift.

Note: items in the store may change from event to event.

Each purchase gives a certain number of points:

  • 1 point for every Topaz spent
  • 0.75 points for every Diamond spent

For a certain number of points, you can get “2 for 1” tickets and unlock special prize pool rewards.

  • 500 points – 2 BOGO Lottery Ticket
  • 1,000 points – 2 BOGO Lottery Ticket
  • 2,000 points – 3 BOGO Lottery Ticket
  • 5,000 points – 4 BOGO Lottery Ticket
  • 9,000 points – 5 BOGO Lottery Ticket
  • 15,000 points – 6 BOGO Lottery Ticket

Attention: the ticket disappears after the end of the event.

Additional tickets can be obtained from the icons

Complete tasks and get additional rewards and Lottery Tickets.

Lucky Lottery

To participate in the Lottery, click the Start button.

Then press the Stop button to stop spinning and receive your reward.

Note: Lottery rewards may vary from event to event.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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