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Guide – Guild

Guide – Guild


Available by the icon

Unlocks at character level 31.

At level 120, the cross-server guild functionality opens.

Initially, all players are members of the Angels Academy guild, which belongs to the hero Marcus.

However, you cannot make contributions to this guild, you cannot receive salaries or awards from the guild treasury.

But you can create your own guild.

Click “Create Guild”, enter a name and select a banner.

The cost of creating a guild is 200 Diamonds.

The guild leader can:

  • Change guild announcement

  • Send a call to the chat about recruiting players to the guild

  • Change guild banner

  • Change the ranks of guild members

  • Increase the level of guild buildings

If you do not want to create your own guild, you can join the already created one (click “Join Guild”).


Here you can see general information about the guild:

  • Name
  • Nickname of the current leader
  • Number of participants
  • Guild level and pumping progress
  • Your rank
  • Current contribution
  • General contribution
  • Your salary

The amount of salary depends on what position in the guild you hold.

Currently, a 6th-level guild leader can appoint two deputies and four veterans.

A 1st-level guild leader can appoint one deputy and three veterans. As the level of the guild rises, more posts become available.

The head and deputies can use the guild mail functionality.

Let’s consider in more detail the possibilities of the guild.

Guild Shop

By making contributions to the guild, you receive a Guild Contribution item that can be spent in the shop.

The store has three tabs: “Materials”, “Costumes” and “Gem”. By increasing the level of the guild, you increase the available assortment of the store.

Guild Contribution

With the help of contributions, you raise the level of the guild. When the experience scale is filled, the guild moves to a new level.

Also, when you make a contribution, you get currency for the guild store and pumping guild skills. The maximum guild level at the moment is 8.

Each day you can make a maximum of 5 deposits (not necessarily the same). There are three types of deposits in total:

  • The usual contribution is 100k gold,
  • Excellent contribution – 30 diamonds,
  • Royal contribution – 100 topaz.

The contributions of all members of the guild fill the progress bar, on which, upon reaching the checkpoint, you can get a valuable reward from the chest.

The progress of deposits on the scale is reset at 23:59 every Sunday.

By making deposits for diamonds and topaz, you create chests with additional reward. Such chests can be opened in the next tab (Guild Treasury).

Guild treasury

There are five types of chests in total:

  • a chest that can be obtained for completing guild tasks-cycles
  • a chest that you receive after paying for topaz or diamonds: you can open 5 such chests, each of which will contain a random number of diamonds
  • Guild Boss Event Chest
  • guild aid chest
  • Chest for participating in the Guild War event

To get a guild aid chest, you need to help at least one guild member in obtaining the item he needs.

Guild Skills

In this tab, you can raise the level of guild skills, which add bonuses to characteristics and affect all members of the squad.

In the guild of the first level, skills can be developed up to 5th level, in the guild of 8th level – up to 40th level.

Guild Contribution is used to upgrade skills.

Guild Boss

Guild bosses are available daily between 16:00 to 21:00. Players can challenge guild bosses 3 times per day, and earn a rating based on the damage dealt.

Players within a guild are ranked by damage points, and those above a certain rank will receive rewards.

Guilds are also ranked by their total damage dealt, and members of those above a certain rank will receive rewards.Guild boss rewards are sent by mail after the event.

Help the guild

You have the opportunity to make a wish, that is, ask other members of the guild for something that you need, such as a hero part, equipment part or stamina. As soon as you make a wish, it will appear in the Help window.

After that, the guild members can help you by giving you what you want. You yourself can help your guildmates (3 attempts are given per day).

Here you can also see the log of your requests and assistance to associates.


In this tab you can see a list of all the players of the guild:

  • nicknames,
  • level,
  • BR,
  • contribution amount,
  • online / offline status.

By hovering over “View Posts”, you can see how many Veteran seats are still available and whether the guild has a deputy head.

On the same tab, you can Leave a guild and see a list of all guilds.

Guild Log

Here you can see the logs of the main events inside the guild:

  • new members,
  • change of positions,
  • deposits.


This tab contains guild buildings, each of which gives the guild a certain bonus.

Only the head and deputy head can raise the level of guild buildings using the Guild Drawing item.

Attention: you can start raising the level only after the guild level reaches 2.


  • Altar
  • Guild treasury
  • Hall of skills
  • Score
  • Mine

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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