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Guide – Magic Circle

Guide – Magic Circle

Magic Circle

Available by the icon

Mara Circle

Thea Circle

Charge magic circles to get bonuses to parameters for the entire squad.

Some circles contain runes. By improving such circles, you will also improve the runes.

Runes give bonuses to the parameters of the tethered hero.

You can socket the location of the runes in the rune link window.

Items to charge magical circles:

  • Energy Stone
  • Energy Sphere

Items can be gotten:

  • Wailing Gate
  • Store
  • Operation Event

After charging each circle, you must first activate the next circle using the Energy Stones and the Seal Stone (Mara Circle) or Magic Stone (Thea Circle).

Items can be gotten:

  • Store
  • Operation Event

The maximum rank of Tia and Mara’s circles is 10. To raise the rank, you need to charge 6 circles each. The higher the rank, the more items will be required to charge.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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