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Guide – Angel’s Treasure

Guide – Angel’s Treasure

Angel’s Treasure

Available by the icon

Duration – 3 days.

The event store is available for 4 days.

Angel’s Treasure

Treasure includes two types of rewards:

  • selected awards in four corners
  • regular awards

Rewards can be renewed once a day for free. The next upgrade will cost 100 Topaz.

You can view the list of possible rewards by clicking the button

Selected rewards are always in the four corners and are updated regularly.

They can be obtained a limited number of times.

If all of the selected rewards are received, the corners will display the usual rewards.

To participate in the event, you need an Angel Treasure Lottery Ticket.

Get two coupons daily for free

The rest of the tickets can be purchased for Diamonds, Topaz, Gold Plates, or received for fulfilling the conditions of the event. The number of purchases is limited.

Click the Start button to start the wheel. Press the Stop button to stop the wheel. There will be a short delay between when the Stop button is pressed and the wheel comes to a complete stop.

When the wheel stops, you receive the specified reward, and the reward itself is removed from the list.

After collecting all the selected rewards, you will receive all other rewards.

For each participation you will receive a certain number of points and Treasure Creed. Receiving all awards will add 30 points.

Also, for each participation you will receive luck points. For 1 time you will get some% of luck. At 100% you will receive your chosen reward.

You can participate 1 time or 5 at once.

When participating 5 times, the Stop button needs to be pressed only 1 time, and you will immediately receive 5 awards.

All received awards are displayed in the window.

Points Ranking

Earn points to get ranked and get rewards.

Regular awards and Superprize are available.

To get into the rating, you must have more than 300 points.

To receive the Super Prize, you need to score over 2,000 points.

After the end of the event, the points are reset to zero, and the rewards will be sent by mail.

Treasure Store

Exchange Angel Scrolls for rare items in the Event Store.

Note: after the end of the event, the Angel Scrolls are reset to zero.

There are three tabs available:

  • Relics
  • Resources I
  • Resources II

The number of items is limited.

Additional event tasks are available by icons

Complete tasks and get additional rewards.

Note: missions and rewards may change from event to event.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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