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Guide – Resources wars

Guide – Resources wars

Resources wars

Available by clicking on the icon

Opens at the 73d level of the character.

All mines located at the same level have the same resource production. The further from the beginning the level is, the less resource production. Most of the resources can be obtained at the first level.

To capture a mine, you need to defeat the enemies (player or monsters) that guard it, i.e. you can take an empty mine or take an already occupied mine from another player.

Foreign resources are not looted while mine capture.

If the mine was taken away from you, then you will receive all the resources that it worked out before the capture. In this case, you can recapture the mine back by defeating the player who occupied it.

The captured mine is under your control for 6 hours. After that, the mine is freed automatically and monsters populate it again, and you get all the resources you have worked out.

If you occupied a mine, then you get the opportunity to win chests, which may contain rare resources.

Every day you will have 4 free attempts to capture mines from other players. Capturing an empty mine does not consume capture attempts. One capture attempt is restored every hour.

Guilds can conquer entire levels to increase the amount of resources obtained from all mines captured by the guild. In order to gain control of a level, a guild must occupy at least 6 mines.

After capturing a mine, you get a shield that will protect the mine for a certain time. Its duration depends on the level at which you capture the mine (the lower the level, the longer the time).

In addition, you can use a rare item – Shield to close the mine from attacks by other players. This item can only be obtained from the Resource War chests. You can use the Shield a limited number of times.

You can develop mines by increasing resource production, shield duration and BR using a Guild Contribution (the Develop button on the bottom panel).

Developing takes some time.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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