Time to fight the majestic Dragons!

Dragon Contract!

A new Idle MMORPG from the creators of Dragon Lord and Demon Slayer!

An ancient prophecy looms over the world, and only you can stop it. Ride dragons, summon goddesses, bend the gods of war to your side, team up with your friends and fight back against the demons that are plaguing the world. Stop Ragnarök!

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Level up even when you're asleep. You won't miss out on precious experience and gold ever again!

Explore the world and expand your realm to gain even more opportunities.

Unite with friends in clans to defeat enemies.

Build your fortress and fill the tower with dragons. They will bring you good luck.

Summon the spirits and strengthen your connection with them. Together you are stronger!

Receive rewards every day and test your luck in the treasury. Gifts are waiting!


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