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Guide – Ultimate Hero

Guide – Ultimate Hero

Ultimate Hero

Available by icon

In this event, you can get and upgrade the Huxley hero.


  • Quality- Godlike
  • Type of hero – Def
  • The hero’s position – DR Def Guardian Hero
  • Recommended formation – 2, 3


Participation in the event is a win-win. You will receive a reward for any attempt. And the luckiest ones will get hero parts.

To participate, you need a Special Summon Voucher or Diamonds item.

Attention: the coupon will disappear after the end of the event.

One free attempt is given per day. The first paid attempt costs 150 Diamonds, the next 300 Diamonds.

You can also get a coupon in Events.

There is an opportunity to participate 1 time and 5 times.

For participating 5 times, you are guaranteed to receive hero parts.

You will get 10 points for each attempt. For a certain number of points, you can open a Point Chest:

  • 200 points – 5 Holy – Huxley Augment Sigil
  • 600 points – 8 Holy – Huxley Augment Sigil
  • 1 000 points – 12 Holy – Huxley Augment Sigil
  • 1 600 points – 16 Holy – Huxley Augment Sigil
  • 2 000 points – 20 Holy – Huxley Augment Sigil
  • 2 400 points – 40 Holy – Huxley Augment Sigil
  • 2 800 points – 60 Holy – Huxley Augment Sigil
  • 3 800 points – 100 Holy – Huxley Augment Sigil

Attention: Rewards may vary from event to event.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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