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  • Goddess Events

    Goddess Events

    Goddess Day Events Event available by icon Event duration – 5 days. Festival Accumulative Recharge Make recharge of game currency during the event and get rewards! Accumulative Recharge 2 000 Diamonds: Promote Stone – 200 Crescent Coin – 3 Accumulative Recharge 5 000 Diamonds: Promote Stone – 500 Crescent Coin – …Дальше »
  • Valentine’s Day Events

    Valentine’s Day Events

    Valentine’s Day Carnival Event available by icon  In this event, you can get great bonuses for recharge and spending diamonds, as well as for daily entry into the game. Festival Accumulative Recharge. On this event tab, you can receive rewards for general purchases of diamonds for certain amounts. Total recharge …Дальше »
  • Astro


    Astro Available by icon Unlocks at character level 30. Astro significantly increases the level of BR character and mercenaries. Для участия в Astro нужен предмет Astro Token или Gold. Astro Token добывается в различных игровых событиях. Существуют Astro разного качества: зеленые, синие, фиолетовые, оранжевые, красные.  Исходное качество Astro изменить нельзя. …Дальше »
  • Dragon Treasure

    Dragon Treasure

    Dragon Treasure Event available by icon Remove stones from the field by moving them and making whole lines to get random rewards. Stones can only be moved horizontally. Rewards can be obtained for the first three attempts per day. The higher the level, the better the rewards. When removing stones, …Дальше »
  • Carnival


    Available by icon Event duration – 7 days. Complete tasks every day, get points and collect rewards. You have a unique opportunity to get a powerful artifact Zeus’ Jewel R! Rewards: Accumulated 105 points: Improved Summoning Scroll – 10 Accumulated 210 points: Zeus’ Jewel R Shard – 100 Accumulated 335 …Дальше »
  • New Year’s Festival

    New Year’s Festival

    New Year’s Festival Available by icon Event duration – 7 days. Festival accumulative recharge Make recharge throughout the event and get rewards! Rewards: Accumulative recharge 2 000 Diamonds: Gold – 500 000 Orange Exp. Scroll – 10 Improved Summoning Scroll – 5 Accumulative recharge 5 000 Diamonds: Gold – 800 …Дальше »
  • New Year Lucky Wheel

    New Year Lucky Wheel

    This guide will focus on the event New Year Lucky Wheel, where you can get a lot of nice and useful Christmas bonuses. To open it, click on the icon Event duration – 7 days. You will see three tabs in the event window. Let’s talk about each of them …Дальше »
  • New Server Events

    New Server Events

    When you open a new server, the Event is triggered, in which you can get a large number of bonuses and items for game progress. The faster you reach the game heights, the more rewards you can get. In this guide, we will talk about achievements and bonuses that you …Дальше »