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Guide – Veteran Summon

Guide – Veteran Summon

Veteran Summon

Event available by icon

Event duration – 5 days.

Drop rate of mercenary increased!

To participate in the event requires an object Improved Summoning Scroll.

  • You can summon any hero from the summoning altar in veteran summon. The drop rate of the current mercenaries will be greatly increased.
  • You’ll obtain one of the current mercenaries every 100 summons during the event.
  • Once you receive a mercenary, your summons will be reset.

Item drop chance:

1 free summon attempt is given per day.

For a certain number of summons, you can get an additional reward:

  • 30 Summons – Improved Summoning Scroll x3
  • 50 summons – Orange Exp. Scroll x 20
  • 100 Summons – SR Chest x1
  • 200 Summons – SR Chest x2
  • 300 Summons – SSR Chest x1

Note: rewards and mercenaries with an increased drop rate may change from event to event.

The guide can be added or changed as information becomes available.

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