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Dragon Treasure

Dragon Treasure

Dragon Treasure

Event available by icon

Remove stones from the field by moving them and making whole lines to get random rewards. Stones can only be moved horizontally.

Rewards can be obtained for the first three attempts per day.

The higher the level, the better the rewards.

When removing stones, points are awarded that increase the level. The more lines destroyed at a time, the more points you get.

Use Hammers, to break up large stones into smaller ones (consisting of 1 and 2 blocks).

Flame Balls eliminate stones of the same color from the field. Color is randomly selected.

Only 3 items can be used in each attempt.

Every day, 3 Hammers and 3 Flame Balls are given for free. But they can also be purchased for Diamonds.

The more Hammers and Flame Balls you buy, the more expensive the price will become.

  • First purchase of Hammers – 50 Diamonds.
  • First purchase of Flame Balls – 50 Diamonds.

If you lose, but do not want to lose the accumulated points, you can continue playing for Diamonds (up to 3 times per attempt).

  • First time – 100 Diamonds
  • Second time – 200 Diamonds
  • Third time – 300 Diamonds

Accumulate points to not only increase the level, but also receive daily rewards.

Each week, the 20 players with the most points will receive a large reward (the reward will come to in-game mail).

Remember to pick up random rewards that you received.

The guide can be added or changed as information becomes available.

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