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  • 31.10.2018

    Happy Halloween!

    Halloween is the most mysterious and mystical  holiday of the year. Trick or treat? Today, all your most terrible dreams come true. There must always be fire on the streets....
  • 27.10.2018

    Happy Halloween!

    Brave Spirit holders! It's Halloween time! Ordinary people beware of ghosts and lock up their houses. Sometimes they're bribing them with candies and other stuff, and that's so boring! The things...
  • 19.10.2018

    Dragon Lord

    Dark times  have come. The Lord of Dark Dragons rules the continent, bringing terror to civilians! Build the capital of your kingdom, gather a large army, unite with your allies...
  • 14.10.2018

    New server — «S4: Nightfall»

    Brave Spirit holders! New game realm is available now! All new and experienced players are welcomed! It's a good opportunity to start your brand new journey on the Rakshasa street....
  • 10.10.2018

    Welcome to Rakshasa street!

    Dear friends! We are pleased to introduce you the new wonderful MMORPG — Rakshasa: Street of Demons, made in the anime style. Nice animation, colorful game effects, unique combat system...
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