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Plundering After the Merge S37

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    Thought I’d take the time while the game is down to bring this up, though I’m a freeplayer and my voice means nothing here, but I’m finding it almost impossible to level up due to being literally impoverished by the plunder system. I don’t blame a single player who has plundered me, but the fact that there are twice as many active players, mostly high end, on Supremacy’s side. I get plundered an average of a dozen times a day to the tune of 1.5 million or more gold when I only have 27 million to begin with. And plundering back doesn’t even the odds–I’m lucky to beat the arena guard 3 out of 5 plunders, so the rewards are much lower than what was plundered from me…and “revenge” is the stupidest function as NO ONE that has been plundered can plunder the plunderer back.

    As a result, I cannot raise my talent. Because I haven’t reached lvl 20 in talent, I can’t use the Ultimate function. I fear I may remain Ult1 for eternity if I can’t keep enough change in my pocket to play as fully as any freeplayer can play. I can’t tell you how depressing it is to log back into the game a few hours later to find that half or more of my gold is gone. It’s impossible to earn it fast enough to lvl up talents before I’m plundered again, over and over and over, and I’m tired of working so hard just to have it taken by others every day…spinning wheels to everyone else’s enrichment.

    I’ve resorted to spending ALL of my gold lately on astrals. It seems the only way to convert gold to power and denying the plunderers of any substantial funds from my coffers. I hold bags of gold in the vault, I don’t cash in earnings from pet or missions or castle until they can’t hold anymore, and then I have to immediately buy astrals or it’s all gone in a few hours from being plundered ceaselessly by the burgeoning opposition.

    Take a good look at the inequity between the two sides. There’s a reason why few to no Amity members even step into war, much less win at war…it’s like the Night King and his minions in Game of Thrones–so many, the chances of winning anything on the Amity side are few or impossible.

    The Merge has ruined the game for me as well as many others in my faction (except the highest players, and even they are having a hard time competing).

    I wish I could pay. I’ve played this game since it was a prototype in Dragonbone Dynasty. It’s really good, and they’ve put a lot of work into it, and they deserve income from it. Unfortunately, I’m a widowed grandmother living on a $589 per month pension. Ever try to live on that small an income? Even the basic $4.99 a month for VIP will take away 2 MEALS from my food budget, which is already excrutiatingly small. So for now, and forever, I’ll always be a freeplayer, knowing full well that I’m cannon fodder for the elite payer-players.

    Not sure if there is any remedy for the plunder thing that’s really hurting me/us, but just had to vent…..

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    One thing I’d like to ask everyone that plunders me–do I pop up as a “Billionaire” when you plunder? If so, the system is lying. I’ve never ever had a billion gold, much less 100 million. The highest I’ve had when plundered to death was 27 million….hardly a billionaire at all.

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    Joseph S4

    ok so you know all it takes is 10 million gold and your billionair. on plunders. I know this cause I have taken the time to figure that out. Second know that when your weaker player you will be plundered alot sadly nothing the game can do anything about that. the guardian helps some makes it so you cant be plundered now for 3 hours instead of 1 hour like it was before.. Hope this helps but sorry to say it will continue to happen you getting plundered. what might help is if they make a limit to what one player can be plundered… but that will most likely not happen. with the guardian now you can be plundered only 8 times a day. before it was 24 times and that is if you had someone plunder you the second it comes off… so they are limiting it.


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    not sure much a solution to this problem besides spending gold on astros. I plunder occasionally but not much anymore since its mostly a waste of time for me with everyone in Amity poor. The server used to be quite balanced in which, top 10 was mostly Amity, but they still lost war anyway , and ended up joining supremacy in which we were already quite powerful ANYWAY. I’ll try not to plunder, but can’t promise obviously as its also a daily quest. I wouldn’t mind players joining Amity, but I doubt many would. I’ve thought about joining but, me joining Amity, wouldnt help your plunder situation unless plenty joined as well.

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      nao sei o que a ¨guerra¨ tem a ve com os top 10, e com as pilhagem

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      quais ninguem faz ¨guerra¨
      eu mesmo participo 1 vez no mes

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      Please, be so kind as to contact our support service via the link https://espritgames.com/support/?esc=site_com_tmenu. Indicate your nickname, server and attach the screenshot(s) illustration your issue.

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    The Guardian in land can help to reduce plunder slightly, although you get more protection from it if you’re VIP. There used to be around 23 plunders per day possible, now it’s below 20, and possibly less if you’re a spender.

    The ‘billionaire’ tag doesn’t necessarily mean that you have 1B in gold, typically it’s much less. It indicates that the plunder will probably yield around a maximum amount.

    This game is unbalanced when it comes to the p2w aspect, but if you think that this game is ‘really great’ then I’m not sure why you would complain about this particular element. 99% of the game is like that, and the rest doesn’t work. The game is a bit like a wall or sign that you spray graffiti on: the wall might be involved, but placing graffiti on it needn’t necessarily mean that you think that the wall is good.

    Using gold on astrals, etc., might be more secure. Players like WheresMyName have often used that to the point where him getting plundered takes no gold or almost no gold from him, and gives little to the plundering player. However, other than the Guardian, there isn’t that much to prevent players from getting plundered. However, talents at low levels are fairly cheap, so you could probably get the gold required from decent growth contests in egg smash (you get a decent amount of gold from rewards for smashing 100 eggs in a day), from gold sacks in Lucky Shop or Treasure Hunt, or from events like Dragon Mirage Realm if your Clan has that available. At the least, getting to ult. 2 should be possible.

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    there are other games u can try that dont have plundering. and i can understand alot of people are free players and its very hard for free players especially when a game like this needs cash players to grow and do updates. they make it unfair on purpose so people will go to other servers or pay. hence the name p2w. ive been a free player several times and had to learn not to let things bother me. sometimes its best to have 2 characters one on each side so u can at least be on the right side after a merge. and if ur on the other side u could always plunder urself lol. to keep the gold to urself. truthfully with how merges work the next one might be in amitys fav against sub. if that happens everyone will move to amity lol. thats why having 2 characters to play for free players can be alot easier. or start a new server and hope ur on the rt side and hope a merge doesn’t mess that up for u. there are some realy nice games out there that arnt p2w try some of those. u can even download an emulator that allows u to play android games on ur pc. there are great games that way to. sometimes playing more then one type of game can keep another one from being so frustrating.

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    The point I think you are missing, is that when people can not level up because their gold is constantly being stolen from them, the lower BR players tend to quit playing… Less players means that the remaining players get plundered more often, resulting in more people quitting…

    Imagine if you will, if Arena, Coronation, Multi-Arena and Mount Racing all worked the same way… You beat someone in Arena, Coronation, Multi-Arena or Mount Racing and they lose prestige while you gain the prestige they lost… The higher BR people (because fewer people could beat them) would level up their ranking much faster than the lower BR people who would level at a snails pace…

    The point here is that it extremely unfair to have other players have the ability to so drastically affect another players ability to level… The top BR people lose little to no gold, while lower BR players lose massive quantities…. In other words, the top BR have little to no hindrance in their leveling, while the lower BR people’s ability to level is hindered on a massive scale….

    Easy solution – Leave the plunder system in place, but rather than losing 100% of the amount of gold plundered, only lose say 10%…. So the plunderer still gets their gold, but the strain on the lower BR people, who are constantly getting plundered multiple times a day, is significantly reduced…
    Example: I plunder for 2.5m gold…. I still get the 2.5m, but the person I plunder only loses 250k… This way rather than losing 25m gold for getting plundered 10 times a day, they are only losing 2.5m, which is much more manageable…

    Piezo – s17

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      ia serr muito bom assim
      perco muito ouro em pilhagem

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    i would agree with that whole heartily problem being this game is a ripe off of dragon awaken which has been around for along time now (longtime being 5 or more years in the gaming community) and it still hasn’t been fixed all they did is add gardean which is the best they will probably do. getting them to do that is a miracle in itself considering plundering is a main reason people spend. its also a huge motivator for people to work harder on there game. idialy plunder shouldn’t take any gold from players and there should be easier and more ways to get gold but honestly they want the competition to be hard so people are forced to spend and work on toon. sadly a p2w game is never nice to free players.

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