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    Cross-Server Auction appears when the Cross-Server Boss is killed. Cross-Server Boss is an event that unlocks at level 54, and it occurs at 9.30am and 9.30pm server time. You can use amethyst to bid in the auction, for pet cards, pet skin shards, or charms.

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    Ancient Weapon can be received through using Ancient Hearts to search in Ancient Treasure. Ancient Hearts have so far not been available without a reasonably high amber cost. Ancient Hearts occasionally appear in either rewards for recharging or consuming approximately 100k ambers, or in an exchange event in Rewards at a price that still requires…[Read more]

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    I mean, most people past a relatively low level can kill the orcs quite quickly. I’m not sure that there’s that much reason to split up the event, when it’s not that important and on many servers only one or two people even show up. I agree that there is a lot of tedium to the event, since it’s mostly just a repetitive task of slaying orcs. Plus,…[Read more]

  • HK doesn’t get as much use among the highest BRs (who have a selection of 6-stars to choose from), but quite a few others use it. Its first strike is quite powerful, and its Starnet ability can make it effective as a tank of some sort. It can hence help reduce damage against your team considerably. Further, the imprisoned enemy receives more…[Read more]

  • What was taken away? Stamina potions are still available from land, but the gift box icon is now above friends list rather than below. However, the question wasn’t that specific, so it’s not necessarily clear what was taken away.

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    There is a lot of paywall or restricted content for those of us without ambers, yes. It makes much of the game frustrating or pointless. When you say Duelist level 2, do you mean in Mastery? That unlocks at level 40, along with Endless Trial. To upgrade it, you need scrolls that come from the chests you get in Endless Trial. If you have the…[Read more]

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    Currently, it’s available for recharging and consuming 100k ambers.

    It might be available in some other way in the future, but we aren’t sure. It wouldn’t be the first paywall content in this game, but most people find the price a bit too high.

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    It’s a version of the same game. Saying that it’s the ‘exact’ same could be misleading, since there are multiple versions of Dragon Awaken and some have features that we don’t have here yet, as well as different events occasionally. For instance, Dragon Lord didn’t have the Dragon Awaken anniversary event, and some things like the shard store,…[Read more]

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    Quite a few people on our server were still online through the website crashes. Given that the website error lasted on-and-off for over a day, there were still quite a few people at most server events, etc. If you were still in the game, then the game continued. But if you left the game, etc., and reloaded, then the page would probably not load.

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    The game was still running and people inside it were often able to continue playing, but the Esprit website might have been experiencing some difficulties. Hopefully they can confirm what precisely happened during that period, and if we can expect it to occur further.

  • Is the level 48 dungeon the one that’s next to the frost dragon image in the top-right of the dungeon select screen? If so, you might have to try to click on the part of the entry button that isn’t covered by the dragon, preferable on the left side of the button. If the button lights up and your cursor becomes hand-like, then you’re probably…[Read more]

  • This game sadly encourages people who spend a lot to go on crusades at every perceived slight. It has nothing really to do with gameplay, properly speaking, but it’s a nuisance because the p2w element of the game typically stops at nothing to extort money from players. This game is fairly tacky in that respect, but sort of encourages people who…[Read more]

  • Are you PhoenixAshe?

    The talent requirements remain the same, so you still need a certain amount of both EXP and gold to level talents. However, the gold requirements are typically more time-consuming, so people tend to not find EXP to not be that important in ult. level. Eventually people typically reach the maximum amount of EXP they can store,…[Read more]

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    You can change servers by clicking on ‘Change the server’ above the game, and then clicking on the server that you’d like to play on (as long as it’s not the server you’re already on.) This should give you a new character on that server. You can’t transfer a character directly to a new server, you can however play a different character on multiple servers.

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    In order to carry out your threat of sending freeplayers after me, my dragon is currently chasing its tail. It seems like it might have about caught up with it. We shall await further instructions from the Catholic church, that apparently determines (via canonisation procedures) who is the saintly non-spender and who is the villainous Supremacy…[Read more]

  • They don’t appear in inventory (probably for the best, they could take up space if you didn’t have a pet yet), it appears when you go to the pet’s page in the ‘Aptitude’ tab. However, you can’t open that for pets who you don’t have yet, so the shards and cards are there but hidden.

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    Onii, your link has expired.

    Also, Anthea said that I should mention her dragon. So, like, her dragon is really evil and probably the central figure of the Illuminati, secretly wielding its infinite power over all world events. It’s probably best that I mention this, as otherwise Anthea’s dragon will probably seek to destroy me for eternity by…[Read more]

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    How to Join Dragon Lord Discord In Limpopo, Burgersfort, Polokwane, Thohoyandou, phalaborwa, mokopane, bochum, lebowakgomo, mankweng, Seshego, dendron, Giyani, Lephalale, musina,Alexandra Johannesburg Lenasia Midrand Randburg Roodepoort Sandton Soweto Alberton Germiston Benoni Boksburg ,rakpan Daveyton,Duduza ,edenvale ,germiston Impumelelo Isando…[Read more]

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    To get pieces in the monolith, you finish goals to get points. The points unlock monolith pieces. You then drag and drop these pieces into the open space of the monolith, trying to arrange them so that all pieces can fit in the monolith. It’s something like a jigsaw puzzle, while the rest of the game is mostly just a test of cash expenditure.

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