• The point I think you are missing, is that when people can not level up because their gold is constantly being stolen from them, the lower BR players tend to quit playing… Less players means that the remaining players get plundered more often, resulting in more people quitting…

    Imagine if you will, if Arena, Coronation, Multi-Arena and Mount…[Read more]

  • lol, don’t forget how he accused you of being a drug addict.. And again just the other night he accused someone else of the same… lol yeah according to him I am a coward and a traitor to the Irish people because my great-grandfather came from Ireland…

    S-17 Piezo ( or ‘Poison’ as Hawk likes to refer to me as)

  • Piezo replied to the topic Suggestions in the forum Discussions 3 years, 4 months ago

    Mostofthetimeyouc~!@#uallycompleteasentencewithoutsettingoffthelanguagefiler… Butasyoucanseefromthi@#$ample,simple,non-offensive,messagescansetitoff… Duetothefacttha$%~!notrecognizingspaces,itwillcombinelettersfromseperatewordstoformwordsdeemedoffensive……[Read more]

  • Piezo‘s profile was updated 3 years, 8 months ago

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