• HERO replied to the topic Reply To: Flash in the forum Technical issues 2 years, 9 months ago

    im very curious to know if they will be able to switch the game to html5 or will they have to restart everything. with html5 lag will be 1k times better. hummm i wouldn’t mind starting over if it means no lag lol. i do know lag has gotten better but i do miss things some days because lag wont let me open something. sigh the game was alot better 6…[Read more]

  • HERO replied to the topic promote in the forum Discussions 2 years, 9 months ago

    promotion is based on ur crystal level i balive level 20 starts the purple hero. shrug i could be wrong its been a bit lol. hero levels has nothing to do with personal level its the crystal level of ur hero. best way to get those crystals is complete ur daily’s and in magnet. magnet gives u 30 a day. best way to do magnet is save shards for shard…[Read more]

  • i would agree with that whole heartily problem being this game is a ripe off of dragon awaken which has been around for along time now (longtime being 5 or more years in the gaming community) and it still hasn’t been fixed all they did is add gardean which is the best they will probably do. getting them to do that is a miracle in itself…[Read more]

  • HERO replied to the topic Flash in the forum Technical issues 2 years, 11 months ago

    we have been experiencing some extreme lag and odd glitches. im wondering if the game is failing or are they trying to change its format for flash going away. are they trying to save the game or are they just not caring and letting it go to crape. personally im not spending a dime in till i know. i would not be surprised to find, i cant get on the…[Read more]

  • there are other games u can try that dont have plundering. and i can understand alot of people are free players and its very hard for free players especially when a game like this needs cash players to grow and do updates. they make it unfair on purpose so people will go to other servers or pay. hence the name p2w. ive been a free player several…[Read more]

  • HERO replied to the topic Gold Goblins in the forum Discussions 3 years, 2 months ago

    i agree with that statement considering how needed gold is. especially on a newly merged server were everyone is plunder crazy. please set it up like the fairy is. gold is so scares considering the ult levels and how much is needed. either that or put in a gold dungeon to help out.

  • HERO started the topic relics in the forum Discussions 3 years, 3 months ago

    there are so many relics to choice from. and so many seem to be the same. i would like some advice on what relics are the best for ur primary toon. and which ones for ur healer, tank, and dps heros.

  • ya ty for that i just wish they would pick i different time for mount race

  • at first i figured my account was very glitchy what with my pet acting up one day ill have multi arena the next time mount race couldn’t figure it out figured mybe i should stop reading manga and watching anime as i play. lol so i made an event list to figure it out. i have a brain tummer so its easy to confuse me lol. but it was driving me crazy…[Read more]

  • ooooooh wow nice to know mybe its every 6 months or so ill save my mount stones again ty. the bennifet of growth contest is to great to not save. wish i had seen this before i used them up lol at least with 9k i went to the next mount pet lol. ty anthea and which.

  • anthea i lost everything it was 0 my aptitude br and fusion level which i balive was 3 i lost everything i did it right as i reached the level. i must have hit an odd glitch of some kind.

  • yes i do have good news were last time i had saved up 40 ropes and lost all my exp this time i had 11 and it stayed so it was a glitch but realy to loose 40 ropes and a net kinda bugs lol.

  • ty for that what i was asking is i used those cards on my pet and looked the next day and it was gone is that mybe a glitch? or is there a different way to do it and i did it wrong.

  • HERO‘s profile was updated 3 years, 3 months ago

  • i love growth contest. so far all ive seen it have is wing, soul crystal and soul stones. why not mount stones. and if they have that please let me know. and any other i didnt mention. i have 9k mount stones saved up i wanna know if i should just use them and stop saving them… last thing if they dont have mount stone please suggest that.

  • i dont understand the pet system at all. i go to catch the pets in primeval used the exp and it dissapeared next day. is that normal. i understand u have to get two of the same pet in order to use the blue balls. but how to get more pets. other then cross server boss auction which doesn’t work well.from what i see captering in primeval has no…[Read more]

  • HERO‘s profile was updated 3 years, 4 months ago

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