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Update – V6.78.0 Divine Guardian and Aphrodite

Update – V6.78.0 Divine Guardian and Aphrodite

V6.78.0 Divine Guardian and Aphrodite
Update time: 2024-6-27

New Feature: Divine Guardian (Unlocked at lv.128)

1. Entrance: Hero – Formation – Divine Guardian

2. Basic Rules:
> The Divine Guardian is a substitute of a deployed hero. When a deployed hero dies, the corresponding Divine Guardian will join the battle. (The hero in Vice-General or Reinforcement can’t be set as a Divine Guardian);
> The Divine Guardian needs to reach at least Starsoul lv.1 in Godlike System, and the quality of the Divine Guardian cannot be higher than the deployed heroes (same quality is acceptable);
> Divine Guardian can’t be set for Main Character;
> Use Divine Guardian Key to unlock the slot (the key can be claimed in Divine Guardian when obtaining enough Activity Points);
> Divine Guardians will inherit the attributes of the deployed heroes, except for the attributes obtained from Godlike, Augment, Bless, Talent, Skin, Skill Level, and Bond. The attributes from the systems above are determined by the attributes of Divine Guardian itself.

New Content:

1. Godlike+ Hero: Aphrodite;
2.  Added Thaloria to Godlike system;
3. Title:Silver Dragon Pioneer, Divine Warrior;
4. Paragon+ Charm: Frosty Mapleblade;
5. Transmogrify:Santa Claus Elevation;
6. Paragon Wings: Icy Radiance;
7. Paragon+ Mount:Inferno Griffin Awakened;
8. Celebration: From July 13 to July 19.

Game Improvements:

1. Balanced the invincibility effect:
> Skill effect level will start to work on invincibility effect, the invincibility effect will not be immune to damage and negative effects higher than its own quality level;

2. Unlocked the Outfit Elevation for Artifact Outfits.

3. Extended the max stars for Valorium Outfits to 20.

4. Extended the max level of Charm Starsoul to 15-0.

5. Extended the max level of Companion Soul Order to 15-0.

6. Lv.11 Gem can be combined.

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