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Update 30.07

Update 30.07

Your Grace!

The Maesters have finished working on the update.

Get ready for winter and enjoy the battle! What’s new? 

  1. Functionality 
  • The Battle of the Unions event has been updated! You are waiting for a completely new, revised, event rules. The best unions of each league will meet in the Final Battle to compete for the top positions of the ranking! A detailed description of the event can be found in the game rules.
  1. Improvements
  • Added the “Improved Training ” buff to the Sept of Seven”;
  • Improved in-game translator. 
  1. Fixed bugs 
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some lords to use a Truce when an attack was coming.;
  • Red indicators in the “Appearance of troops” tab now work correctly;
  • The Great Trek window now works correctly;
  • The message about teleportation to the forbidden zones of the great ones now works correctly. 

GoT Winter is Coming Team

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