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why is mount race and multi arena at same time

Forums Dragon Lord Discussions why is mount race and multi arena at same time

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    at first i figured my account was very glitchy what with my pet acting up one day ill have multi arena the next time mount race couldn’t figure it out figured mybe i should stop reading manga and watching anime as i play. lol so i made an event list to figure it out. i have a brain tummer so its easy to confuse me lol. but it was driving me crazy considering there would be a multi arena event but no ma. i would look and look. uggg no ma. wow realy driving me nuts… so i wrote it down… now i see its at the same time why why why… there are time blocks with nothing in them and some with nothing but bg….. :(:(:( this needs to be fixed for easly confused people like me lol.

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    Multi-Arena’s time slot was replaced with Mount Race, from Friday to Sunday. So 12:00-13:00 on Friday-Sunday is Mount Race, but 12:00-13:00 on other days is Multi-Arena.

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    ya ty for that i just wish they would pick i different time for mount race

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