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Holy Wings Not Unlocking! :(

Forums Eternal Fury Technical issues Holy Wings Not Unlocking! :(

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    I’m way past Character Level 31, which is the requirement to unlock my Holy Wings.
    Why aren’t they unlocked? I’ve also reached Level 31 in the Holy Wings Dungeon.

    Please explain why my Holy Wings still say “Unavailable”? 🙁

    Server Name: Scalger
    Player Name: Zephyr Anna

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    Сheck out this guide and if the problem is not solved, then we will figure it out

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    I just did the Hide for my regular Angel Wings, so my Holy Wings are now showing on my character. But in the Holy Wings option in the Menu still says “Unavailable”.

    Looks like I got the Battle Rating increase for the Holy Wings though.
    So maybe it’s just a glitch in the Menu Option.

    Thanks for pointing me to the Guide. 🙂

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      It is quite possible glitch that we will also try to reproduce the situation

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