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Update – Features, 7 Days Login, Holy Wings and Warsoul

Update – Features, 7 Days Login, Holy Wings and Warsoul

Great warriors!

There are a lot of interesting things waiting for you in this update!

1.  Some user interface (UI) changes.

2. Features

Available by icon 

Level up the main character, unlock new game features and get rewards!

For raising the level you can get:

  • Gold
  • Promote Stone
  • Stamina Potion
  • Gem Chest
  • Insignia Chest
  • and much more

3. 7 Days Login

Available by icon 

Log in to the game during 7 days and receive nice gifts!

The most important reward will be waiting for you on day 7 – Dark Wings!

You can also get:

  • Common Summoning Scroll
  • Improved Summoning Scroll
  • Atalanta
  • Gold
  • Crypt Key
  • Lvl 5 HP Gem
  • and much more

4. Holy Wings

Available by icon 

At level 31 of the main character, a new function will open- Holy Wings.

After activating these wings, you can put them on your character.

If you’re wearing suit wings, but you want Holy Wings to be displayed, check the Hide box.

Holy Wings can greatly enhance your hero and mercenaries.

Raise the rank to a certain level to unlock passive skills.

Ranking up requires Holy Wings Feather and Holy Wings Promotion Stone items.

These items can be obtained in the new daily Holy Wings Dungeon.

Once a day is available Auto Blitz.

For passing certain floors of the dungeon, you can get an additional one-time reward.

Upgrading the Holy Wings will improve the characteristics of the mercenaries.

You can change the appearance of Holy Wings in the Transmogrify tab.

The higher the quality (R, SR, SSR), the greater the increase in the characteristics your squad will receive.

5. Warsoul

Now you can make your mercenaries even stronger!

Upgrade Warsoul to improve the characteristics of the selected mercenary. For this, items are used Warsoul Stone and Warsoul Promotion Stone.

You can get them in the new daily Warsoul Dangeon.

Once a day is available Auto Blitz.

For the passage of certain floors of the dungeon, you can get an additional one-time reward.

The higher the rank of Warsoul, the more items will be required to improve it.

Initially, all mercenaries have the same characteristics for improvement.

But you can change the characteristics using Refined Stone.

If you want to keep any characteristics, you can block them with Diamonds.

Have a nice game!

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