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Is this meant to be humorous or satirical?

Otherwise, the reason why their names are in red is that they’re from the opposite faction. This means that you can, if you want, start a wild fight with them in most maps. Fights like this can’t start in the Holy City, where players will be sent for respite if they are defeated in a wild fight, etc. You can also attack some players when they are mining (except in the 23:00-8:00 period where miners are protected), but this will deduct some of their mining rewards. On some servers, both factions tend to avoid the fights in the wild and near mines, and that’s fair enough (it is the decision of players, not automatic, in this game) until they get a good enough spur to engage in such fights. When the sword icon appears, it represents that an attack can occur. Anyway, be aware that your attacks in the wild will involve the other players if they’re not AFK, and adapt as you’d prefer.

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