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OK , Im Glad You’re Happy , We Both Are at This Momment, But I Need To Inform You About Wen You Told Me To Press The F12 Key , At Some Points it Open A Lists Or Scrolled Down All Sorts of Dev’s Tool’s http :// ,like set’s and some displayed while scrolling down ,some were the red circle with the x in the center , Wich while scrolling down some parts i get that say audio file not running or funtioning amoung other stuff that i can’t desribe in words ,and some with the yellow triangle with the excalmation point , now at this time ,even with this window open i could see a plethora of markings allso in wherether in chinese or korean or mabey i dont know , japanise , the point is all sort of like i said dev’s settings , on wich i could’nt screen shot , how ever if you could , allso don’t know if you can , on you’re terminal or that you could have a side by pc , so that you see what i mean , or if you can receive in video ,so i can record it at some point , but i would like to you , mention this to them because they mite be better suited to see this better in there system on wich they must have the same as me if they are useing google browser , and not impiding you to do so, Now ,Sadly Im Having A Bit Of A Pickel wen i log in everything is loading to 50 to 90 % iven wen i see the picture of the iron throne , wich i know the game will be open , to use , but then it stops and the screen blanks white with a message of to reload again, wen it hapends again ,i will send you the link for you to see it

but is doing this action on leting me in at some ppoints ,and in others dislogging me out is like in a bit of a flux im checking and rechecking everything in my computer laptop system and all checks okk and clear of problems this includes the google browser . let me see if i can get that image i mantion earlier.

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