• theres and error capturing ,on this system is not dispolaying my id correcttly the previos messqage is mine dont know why my pic or name is not showing . needs to be checked.

  • OK , Im Glad You’re Happy , We Both Are at This Momment, But I Need To Inform You About Wen You Told Me To Press The F12 Key , At Some Points it Open A Lists Or Scrolled Down All Sorts of Dev’s Tool’s http :// ,like set’s and some displayed while scrolling down ,some were the red circle with the x in the center , Wich while scrolling down some…[Read more]

  • can you receive 532 kb, becuase if i swink it i cant understand the info of the righ side ,do you have paint 3d is whats helping me in the precedings of to send youre screen shots, and is till not permiting me to go in im about the 18 time i download google ,i can load my laptop of more that i have wich is exporer edge andd google chorme , please…[Read more]

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