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Did you use dragon evolve crystals instead of spirit evolve crystals? That could be an easy confusion due to the name, although this is a recurring event. I think that the reward for most recent events is the same kind as the material asked for (along with some dragon dust on the side, around 3.6K today), so you could probably check the image and etc. given in the rewards to see that if that’s what you’re using. Some of the events for new servers don’t always do that, but I can’t think of many recent exceptions on our server.

I haven’t seen any event of that kind (ie. via the Events button) recently which asked for dragon evolve crystals, nor any for awaken crystals or similar materials. However, there was a growth contest which involved dragon evolve crystals. Growth contests don’t typically give you simply the same material, unless there was a growth contest based on crest essence/hero upgrade stones which gave fortune vouchers.

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