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I think this latest update is a game breaker for me. I do the 5 bounty quests daily for the devotion quest item that gives me 200 diamonds daily, but now I can’t refine or enchant any equipment and I have to once again expand my backpack to hold the new stones and marks needed. It’s just too much so I guess I’ll just walk away from this new game. such is life.

It’s not really hard to do the bounty quests. There are a lot of easy options; Bounty hunter, Arena, 10 or 20 monsters kill and harvest. Any 3-stars cleared dungeons or Arena provides Blitz option which can be completed with a single click. With 3 free refreshes, you could complete it in 1-5 minutes.

As for the backpack, firstly, join a guild with lvl10 guild vault which has the space of storing 60 items. Then, you could either use expansion on your backpack if you really need space or try recycling unwanted items. Also, there is another option to sort using synthesis on items like Luck, gems, or other items.

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