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there are other games u can try that dont have plundering. and i can understand alot of people are free players and its very hard for free players especially when a game like this needs cash players to grow and do updates. they make it unfair on purpose so people will go to other servers or pay. hence the name p2w. ive been a free player several times and had to learn not to let things bother me. sometimes its best to have 2 characters one on each side so u can at least be on the right side after a merge. and if ur on the other side u could always plunder urself lol. to keep the gold to urself. truthfully with how merges work the next one might be in amitys fav against sub. if that happens everyone will move to amity lol. thats why having 2 characters to play for free players can be alot easier. or start a new server and hope ur on the rt side and hope a merge doesn’t mess that up for u. there are some realy nice games out there that arnt p2w try some of those. u can even download an emulator that allows u to play android games on ur pc. there are great games that way to. sometimes playing more then one type of game can keep another one from being so frustrating.

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