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The Guardian in land can help to reduce plunder slightly, although you get more protection from it if you’re VIP. There used to be around 23 plunders per day possible, now it’s below 20, and possibly less if you’re a spender.

The ‘billionaire’ tag doesn’t necessarily mean that you have 1B in gold, typically it’s much less. It indicates that the plunder will probably yield around a maximum amount.

This game is unbalanced when it comes to the p2w aspect, but if you think that this game is ‘really great’ then I’m not sure why you would complain about this particular element. 99% of the game is like that, and the rest doesn’t work. The game is a bit like a wall or sign that you spray graffiti on: the wall might be involved, but placing graffiti on it needn’t necessarily mean that you think that the wall is good.

Using gold on astrals, etc., might be more secure. Players like WheresMyName have often used that to the point where him getting plundered takes no gold or almost no gold from him, and gives little to the plundering player. However, other than the Guardian, there isn’t that much to prevent players from getting plundered. However, talents at low levels are fairly cheap, so you could probably get the gold required from decent growth contests in egg smash (you get a decent amount of gold from rewards for smashing 100 eggs in a day), from gold sacks in Lucky Shop or Treasure Hunt, or from events like Dragon Mirage Realm if your Clan has that available. At the least, getting to ult. 2 should be possible.

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