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In order to carry out your threat of sending freeplayers after me, my dragon is currently chasing its tail. It seems like it might have about caught up with it. We shall await further instructions from the Catholic church, that apparently determines (via canonisation procedures) who is the saintly non-spender and who is the villainous Supremacy casher whose lies are to be dispelled by untruth. Their task shall no doubt be rendered more difficult by the modern age where Anthea is apparently now considered the form of the good, and the opposite of evil. In the end the thing will probably be resolved by the Pope headbanging to Iron Maiden’s ‘The Number of the Beast,’ and then excommunicating Anthea in the name of Satan. People shall look at Pope Francis’ previous statements and wonder that a child like Francis was exposed to such subversive heavy metal when they could easily be influenced to dark Satanic ways.

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