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The Epic Journey Begins!

The Epic Journey Begins!

Join the new incredible journey in our new free online-game Eternal Fury!

This strategic turn-based RPG combines SLG and classic interactions. Incredible adventures, hundreds of locations, exciting battles with monsters.

Hel opened the gates of the underworld and sent demon armies to capture all the worlds once created by the Titans. Expand your territories, fight in many battles, join a guild and restore your lost memories. Become the leader of a team of the most powerful heroes to lead your kingdom and defeat Hel and her evil army!

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  • 31.12.2019

    The army of darkness is on the way!

    Great warriors! Hel's armies take over one kingdom after another and must be stopped! The events of the new server are launched in the game world, which will strengthen the kingdom, make a strong army and give power to the...