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Update – New Mercenaries and Goddess Event

Update – New Mercenaries and Goddess Event

Great warriors!

1.Added to game Achievements and Titles.

Available by icon

Achievements: complete the conditions and get rewards.

Among the rewards:

  • Titles
  • Experience
  • Prestige
  • Daru
  • Promote Stone
  • Awakening Stone
  • Improved Summoning Scroll
  • Common Summoning Scroll
  • and much more!

Title:activate titles and increase your characteristics.

Information on how to get one or another title is displayed on the right side when you click on the title itself.

Some titles are temporary. After the title expires, the added characteristics will also expire.

2. New mercenaries.

R Mercenary – Marcia (archer)

How to get it:

  • Use Summon Scrolls at the Summoning Altar
  • Exchange to 2,300 Heroic soul in Mercenary Exchange

SR Mercenary – Roland (warrior)

How to get it:

  • Use Summon Scrolls at the Summoning Altar
  • Exchange for 9,000 Heroic soul in Mercenary Exchange
  • Exchange for 400 points in Goddess Day Lucky Wheel

SSR Mercenary – Artemis (archer)

How to get it:

  • Reward for buying and spending Diamonds at Goddess Day Events
  • Exchange for 3,000 points in Goddess Day Lucky Wheel

3. New Character tutorial optimization

Now it will become even more convenient for new players to undergo training.

4. User interface changes.

  • Soldier, Mercenary and Formation divided into separate functionals.

  • The user interface was adapted (kingdom map, buttons, icons, etc.).

5. New functionality – Set Rewards.

Available by icon

After fulfilling some conditions, you can get a Heroic Set.

6. Changed the names and appearance of Soldiers.

The changes did not affect the characteristics of the soldiers.

7. Launched the Goddess Event.

Available by icon 

Goddess Day Events

By participating in the event you will receive rewards for daily entry into the game, for the purchase and spending of game currency.

Goddess Day Lucky Wheel

Spin the wheel and win prizes, exchange points for valuable items, get into the rating and get the best rewards!

Participating in the Goddess Event, you can get:

  • Zeus’ Jewel R Shard
  • Improved Summoning Scroll
  • Promote Stone
  • Awakening Stone
  • Rune Shards
  • Refined Stone
  • SSR Mercenary – Artemis
  • and much more!

Read more about the event in the guide.

Have a nice game!

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