Eternal Fury

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At the beginning of time, three worlds formed - the Underground, the World of people and the Divine Kingdom. The mistress of the underworld became the insidious Hel. Under her leadership, all beings of the dark world flourished for a while. But the nature of demons is such that they constantly crave war. Then Hel decided to expand her possessions and seize the Divine Kingdom, passing there through the gates in the World of people.

Terrible creatures began to break through the devil's gates into the kingdom of people, wreaking havoc where they could not resist.

Defend your world and do not let the demons gain the upper hand!


  • ◇ A unique combination of classic MMORPG and turn-based strategy;
  • ◇ A fascinating story and a diverse system of tasks;
  • ◇ A large selection of fighters (the system of hiring and creating a detachment of two types of soldiers "Soldiers" and "Mercenaries");
  • ◇ Joint passage of dungeons, battles with bosses and battles with enemy clans;
  • ◇ A lot of dungeons and a huge variety of monsters that differ in appearance and abilities;
  • ◇ An impressive arsenal of game weapons.
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