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“The Great Dragons” hot update at 04.08.2021

“The Great Dragons” hot update at 04.08.2021

Tomorrow, August 4th, Dark Genesis servers will be unavailable since 22:00 (UTC-5) within 2 hours for “The Great Dragons” hot update installing. Please logout game in advance and don’t login during maintenance to avoid any problems.

UPD: update time was changed to 22:00

New Content
1. New gameplay system [Dragon System]
Level unlocked: level 75
Function Entrance: [Capital] – [Divine Realm] – [Dragon system]
Gameplay Mechanics:
①Dragon qualities from weak to strong: purple – orange – red – gold.
②Dragon’s heart is required to star-up the dragon, unlocking a higher level cap
③ When the dragon reaches 4 stars, dragon training will be unlocked, there are 5 slots, garrison up to 5 heroes Meat are for dragon upgrades, Dragon’s Heart will be available in the Cross-server Ladder Shop.

2. New gameplay system [Cross-server Ladder]
Level unlocked: level 75
Function Entrance: [Capital] – [Cross-server War] – [Cross-server Ladder]
Gameplay Mechanics:
① One calendar week is a season, players will have 5 free challenge attempts per day, and the number of free attempts will be reset at 5:00 each day.
② Battles are 5v5 and are decided in one game match.

3. New gameplay system [Extraordinary Ranks].
Level unlocked: level 85
Function Entrance: [Capital] – [Cross-server War] – [Extraordinary Ranks]
Gameplay Mechanics:
① Two calendar weeks are a season, players will have 5 free challenge attempts per day, additional attempts are purchasable via diamonds
② Players will have 5 free challenge attempts per day, additional attempts are purchasable via diamonds. Reach the corresponding point requirement to unlock the corresponding rank.

4. New Dark-type Hero [Nemesis] joins
5. Each item in the Emblem Shop has been changed to unlimited stock and can be purchased in stacks
6. Added a one-button clear function for daily instance
7. Added a make-up system for the daily check-in
8. Added a skip battle function for Lamp Boss
9、Main-story stages have increased up to 100 chapters, road to Transcendence has been updated with 10 more chapters
10. Dragon Summoning feature added to the Summoning Building, as well as the Dragon Summoning Privilege Gift Pack
11. Infinite Abyss increased to 1500 levels, Inferno Abyss increased to 1000 levels, Elemental Abyss increased by 100 levels each
12. The Divinity Store has added shards of Garuda, Master Panda, Diana, Zhao Yun, Selina and Apollo for exchange
13. [Constellation Maze Optimization]
13.1. Added Skip Battle function
13.2. Optimized the abandon challenge button placement
13.3. Increased rewards drop for all monsters
13.4. Stages with formation restrictions will reset the player’s current formation
13.5. Improved display for the Clearance Conditions for every stage
13.6. Optimized Maze themes will change automatically daily
13.7. Optimized more on various other aspects of display and instructions
14. [Newly added Battle Pass]
Lamp Battle Pass, Voyage Battle Pass, Dungeon Battle Pass, Guild Battle Pass, Troy Battle Pass, Ladder Battle Pass, Maze Battle Pass, Ranking Battle Pass
15. [Guild Mercenary]
15.1. The rental period and the number of assists have been changed from 3 times in 3 days to 1 time in 1 day
15.2. When the mercenary is used up, they will return automatically with a mail notification
15.3. No application can be initiated during the rental cooldown to avoid misunderstanding and waste of time when a new mercenary is borrowed but not available
16. [Bug fixes]
16.1. Fixed a bug where Poseidon’s revival did not reset his rage
16.2. Fixed a bug where Relics appears red when Divine Soul is not unlocked
16.3. Fine tuned and increased the strengths of 3 talents: spirit, grim reaper, falling star. Fixed a bug where small skills are not used whilst in spirit form.

See you in game!

Best wishes,
Dark Genesis Team

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