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“New Edge” — Hot Update on July 27th

“New Edge” — Hot Update on July 27th

Tomorrow, July 27th, Dark Genesis servers will be unavailable from 04:00 (GMT+2) for 2 hours for the installing an update named “New Edge”. Please logout the game in advance and don’t login during maintenance to avoid any problems.

[New Content]
1. Newly added Agni’s Fire Lv. 2. Enable when characters reach Lv. 150, requires to develop a Hero to Agni’s Fire Lv. 1 Alpha 5-Star Lv. 330, and clear this Hero’s Gods Trial stage to initiate the ignition for Agni’s Fire Lv. 2
2. Added new Title System
3. Increased Bag slots by 100 slots
4. Characters level cap limit raised to Lv. 400
5. Added 5 new Stages to Agni’s Continent
6. Optimized the requirement description of Road to Transcendence, changed [Remaining HP >X% to Clear] to [Remaining HP >X% at the end of the battle to clear]
7. Optimized the Rage Skill description of Frigg: [Prioritize teammate with highest Combat Power] to [Prioritize teammate with the highest ATK]. Only the description is optimized, and the actual effect is unchanged

[Genesis War Rule Optimization]
1. Added Faction Guardian System
2. Every 3 factions have their own Guardians. Faction Guardians will appear at 8 PM daily in the Not-Final Phase, patrolling along a set path and moving from 1 city to another every 8 minutes. When the Guardian arrives at a city, they will forcibly remove all non-allied teammates from the city. If enemy factions attack this city, they can only attack the guardian. After the guardian is defeated, it will cease the patrol of that day; if the guardian is not defeated, then it will disappear automatically after the patrol

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