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“Goddess of Light” Hot Update on 26.04.2022

“Goddess of Light” Hot Update on 26.04.2022

Here are details of the latest update #67 called “Goddess of Light”, please take a look what the cool things have appeared in the game:

[New Content]
1. New Limited Hero: Light Element Mage Nüwa
2. New Skins: Nüwa, Nezha, Apollo, Dianna
3. New Emblem Elite Summon
4. New Clear Rewards Function

[Game Adjustment]
1. Adjusted VIP Pack Rewards, the update will reset available packs for purchase
2. Buffed Sun Wukong’s Rage Ability Ocean Overwhelming, DMG from ability increases at Level 3
3. Buffed Cleopatra’s Passive Ability Venom Expert, Poison Damage from ability increases at Level 2/3
4. 1st Top-up returns to accumulation mode

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