All news Rakshasa: Street of Demons17.01.2022

Important information!

Important information!


Once upon a time, each of you led a simple life, but fate has brought you to the mystical Rakshasa Street, where you met Xia Ling and together with her participated in significant events not only to the spirit world, but also to the world of the living.

You have traveled a long and perilous road, battling many evil spirits and demons. You have become the strongest defenders of our world, and thanks to you, evil spirits don’t threaten us anymore.

It’s time for you to go back to normal life.

On 21.01 at 12:00 no one will be able to enter the Street of Demons.

General of Souls will take care of your legacy.

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  • 31.01.2020

    December 30th update

    Brave Spirit holders! During the maintenace an update was installed Innovations:  New voucher system. Vouchers are needed to exchange fragments of associates in a special store. The higher the quality of the voucher, the higher the class of the colleague available...