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Events from June 20 – «Father’s Day Celebration», «Father’s Day», «Angel 777» and «Treasure Hunt»

Events from June 20 – «Father’s Day Celebration», «Father’s Day», «Angel 777» and «Treasure Hunt»

Brave warriors!

From June 20 to 22, participate in the «Father’s Day Celebration» event.

The event consists of many sections:

  • Equipment coupon
  • Replenishment of the award
  • Fashion banquet
  • Celebrating super discounts
  • Holiday shopping
  • Happy Set
  • Entry Reward
  • Loot from the feast
  • Part of the holiday
  • A gift for activity
  • Christmas Spin

During the event, you can spin the festive roulette, get a lot of nice prizes for entering the game, replenishing and spending gold, and purchase various products at huge discounts! You will also have access to a special Happy set for Father’s Day, opening which you have a chance to get the appearance of Elven Feathers wings, the title of King of Heroes and much more.

By participating in the event, you can get unique costumes, wings, mounts, and divine weapons, various resources, and many other rewards.

Read more about the event in the guide.

From June 20 to 22, another festive event is waiting for you — «Father’s Day».

You will plunge into the real atmosphere of the holiday:

  • Open cards with rewards
  • Create Gifts
  • Participate in a special competition
  • Visit the holiday store
  • and more

Collect various event items, defeat the boss, get Banquet Vouchers and exchange them for unique items in the Store.

You can become the owner of a set of Scaly Friend, which includes a fashionable costume and an original appearance of a divine weapon!

Read more about the event in the guide.

From June 20 to 22, the event «Angel 777» is available for you.

Flip the cards, search for 7 and get rewards for each card you open.

To open one card, you need 777 Angel Points, which you can get for spending gold. The more rounds you complete, the more points will be required.

After each completed round, new rewards will be available for you to choose from. The higher the round, the steeper the rewards will be!

You can win:

  • Titles
  • Appearances
  • Regular and pink diamonds
  • Various resources
  • and much more

You can read more about the event in the guide.

From June 21 to 24, feel free to go on a «Treasure Hunt».

You will need a treasure hunt Bell and all your luck!

Participation in the event is a win-win – you are guaranteed to get a reward for any hunt!

The most adventurous players will get a lot of additional prizes and bonuses.

Go hunting to get the best results:

  • Legendary Equipment
  • Demon God Equipment
  • Regular and Pink diamonds
  • Title
  • Fragment of the insignia
  • Exquisite Dragon Soul
  • Legendary divine Stone
  • and much more

Read more about the event in the guide.

Have a nice game!

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