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Events from August 2 – «Egg Cracker» and «Angel’s Ark»

Events from August 2 – «Egg Cracker» and «Angel’s Ark»


From August 2 to 4 participate in the event «Egg Cracker»!

Smash Ordinary, Silver and Gold Eggs with a Hammer and exchange the points you receive in the Dragon Shop.

Completing additional tasks of the event will bring you pleasant rewards and bonuses.

You can win:

  • Diamonds
  • Topaz
  • Golden Leaf
  • Pet Parts
  • Various resources to strengthen pets
  • and much more

You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

From August 3 to 5 You can participate  in the construction of the «Angels Ark».

Build your own Ark and together with other players participate in the joint construction of the Angel’s Ark. To do this, you need Shipwright Coupons, which can be obtained for free and purchased with Diamonds.

In case of successful construction You will receive points that will help You get into the rank of the event and receive great rewards, and Shipwright tokens, which can be exchanged in the store for valuable items.

You can get:

  • Mount Improvement Stones
  • Blessing Stones
  • Diamonds
  • Heavenly Stones
  • Star stones
  • and much more

You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

Have a nice game!

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