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Update 26.01.2021

Update 26.01.2021

Hello, my Lord!
The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

Here are the contents of this update:

1. Functionality

  • Added the Union flag placement feature, the Duke and Union officers will now be able to deploy the Union flag on the map.

2. Changes in the Battle of Alliances

  • Improved the display of reward pop-ups.
  • Improved wake-up system. It is now possible to awaken the commanders to a certain level depending on their current quality. All resources (tokens and books of wisdom) that you used to awaken the commanders earlier will be returned. The tokens will be returned in the form of general tokens, not the tokens of a specific commander.
  • Improved the display of combat reports.

3. Fixed bugs

  • The ranking in the Lord of Lords event is now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed display of got experience way of the job activity.
  • Fixed several localization issues in Map View and Union Battle mode.

Get ready for winter and enjoy the battle!

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