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Events from September 7 – «Alliance Mobilization», «Siege of Winterfell», «Navigator» and «Dragon Hunt Event»

Events from September 7 – «Alliance Mobilization», «Siege of Winterfell», «Navigator» and «Dragon Hunt Event»


From September 7 to 16, the «Alliance Mobilization» event is available for you.

Your alliance must have at least 25 members.

Your lock must be level 15 or higher.

Complete various tasks, earn points, take the highest places in the ranking and collect the best awards of the event.

After the end of the event, all alliance members will be able to choose a reward depending on the number of completed stages. And the top 5 alliances will receive additional gifts.

By participating in the event, you can get:

  • Badge
  • Diamonds
  • Mask of the Faceless Men
  • Book of COnfession
  • Battle Codex
  • Speed Up
  • The Experience Of The Lord
  • and much more.

Read more about the event in the guide.

From September 7 to 8, take part in the grand event «Siege of Winterfell».

Robb Stark marched south with his army, leaving Winterfell unprotected. House Greyjoy decided to seize the moment and seize it.

Your alliance will have to fight for one of the parties. The choice of the party is determined randomly.

Apply for participation, fight in one of the leagues, earn the most points and get the best ranking rewards!

You can win:

  • Speed Up
  • Images of castles
  • Crest of Vigor Badge
  • Commanding Officers ‘ Medals
  • Diamonds
  • Advanced Skill Raffle Token
  • and much more.

You can read the event rules in the guide.

Lord, a ship has docked at the walls of your castle and the captain is waiting for you on board. Rather, stock up on Current Compasses and hit the road from September 7 to 9!

You can choose one of two routes:

  • Normal
  • Legendary

A small reward will be waiting for you at each stop. And the main reward you will get if you get to Treasure Isle or Diamond Cave.

Visit Treasure Isle and get Exploration Coins, which can be exchanged for valuable items in the event store:

  • Commanding Officers ‘ Medals
  • Badge
  • Appearance of the troops
  • Boosters
  • and much more.

In Diamond Cave, a huge amount of Diamonds is stored and only on your luck will depend on how much you can take with you.

Read more about the event in the guide.

From September 7 to 11, participate in the «Dragon Hunt Event».

The event consists of 2 parts:

  • Lost in the Smoke
  • Lairs of Flame

Lost in the Smoke – from 7 to 11 September

Follow the dragons and find all the treasures in the Smoking Sea.

You have to overcome 8 stages, each of which consists of 4 tasks.

Complete tasks and get rewards:

  • Diamonds
  • Mark of the True Dragon
  • Spirit of Weirwood Tree
  • VIP Points
  • Honor banner
  • and much more

Lairs of Flame – from 8 to 11 September

Make your way to the dragon’s lair, where valuable treasures are hidden, which are waiting for their heroes.

Choose rewards and open chests using the Exploratory torch.

The Exploratory torch can be obtained by exchanging it for 10 Black Diamonds.

There are three categories of awards available:

  • Lair Entrance – 4 awards
  • Lair Proper – 4 awards
  • Lair Depths – 2 awards

Cherished treasures are waiting for you:

  • Commanding Officers ‘ Medals
  • Diamonds
  • Refined rough
  • Shadow Essence
  • Army Appearance Medals
  • and much more

Attention: you can participate in the event up to 10 times. To choose a new reward, you need to open all the chests.

You can read more about the event in the guide.

Attention! Some events can start in different kingdoms on different days.

Enjoy the game!

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