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Guide – Voyager/Navigator

Guide – Voyager/Navigator


Available by icon 

To enter the event, you need to click on the icon in the calendar or go to the ship.

You can choose to explore the Normal or Legendary route.

An attempt to explore a Normal route costs 1 Compass, an attempt to explore a Legendary route costs 10 Compass.

1 free attempt to explore the Normal route is given daily.

Compass can be obtained as a reward in various game events or purchased for Diamonds.

When using 1 Compass in a Normal route, the ship moves by 1 point. Similarly, when using 10 Compass in a Legendary route, the ship will move 1 point.

For each move you will receive some reward.

Rewards received by you personally or all players of the server can be viewed by clicking on a special button.

Rewards for exploring a Legendary route are better than for exploring a Normal Route.

To get to Treasure Isle, explore the Normal route 10 times.

You will have a chance to get Exploration Coins or find Diamond Cave.

To get to Legendary Treasure Isle, explore the Legendary Route 10 times. You will have a chance to get a huge amount of Exploration Coins or find an Exotic Diamond Cave.

Explore the Diamond Cave and you’ll be rewarded with Diamonds from its reserves. You can explore each cave randomly a limited number of times. After exhausting all attempts, you can leave the cave.

Each Diamond Cave exploration will require 1 Compass.

Players on your server have access to the same Diamonds reserves in Diamond Cave as you do. With each exploration, the cave’s reserves are replenished with a random amount of Diamonds.

When researching, there is a chance to get Seven’s blessing, which gives you another free research attempt.

When the event ends, all Exploration Coins will be lost.

To exchange Exploration Coins, go to a special store.

Items can be exchanged a limited number of times. At the end of the event timer, the item exchange counter will be reset

For a certain amount of research, you can get an additional reward.

The left side of the window displays information about players who have received a large number of Diamonds in Diamond Cave.

Upon completion of the event, your research progress and item exchange counter will be reset.

The guide can be added or changed as information becomes available.

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