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Events from October 24 – «Army of the Dead», «Raising an army» and «Dragon Hunt»

Events from October 24 – «Army of the Dead», «Raising an army» and «Dragon Hunt»

Citizens of Westeros!

Winter is here! The threat of an invasion by the army of the dead looms over Westeros. Lead the resistance and send your warriors to defend the wall from 24 to 25 October!

Take part in the biggest battle of the seven Kingdoms, protect the inhabitants of Westeros and stop the invasion of the living dead!

Important: Alliances with 25 active participants and a castle of at least level 17 can participate in the event.

Take the highest places in the ranking to get a reward:

  • Appearance of the castle
  • Speed Up
  • Resources
  • Honor banner
  • Diamonds
  • Endurance
  • and much more

During the battle, earn Contribution Tokens and exchange them for valuable items in the Contribution Shop:

  • Wash stone
  • Refined rough
  • Legendary Chest
  • Race Boots
  • other

Read more about the invasion of the Army of the dead in guide.

From October 24 to 25, you will see the event «Raising an army».

Create a strong army and get a reward for this! 

We remind you that you need to train troops in Barracks.

For completing tasks, events can be obtained:

  • Speed Up (Training)
  • Speed Up
  • Stone

Read more about the event in the guide.

From October 25 to 26, go in search of the dragon’s lair in the «Dragon Hunt» event.

Attack the rebels to get bait and find the dragon’s lair!

Only players who are members of an alliance can use the bait.

You will have a chance to get:

  • Shadow Essence
  • Horn of Awakening
  • Mark of the True Dragon
  • Ox Meat
  • and other

Read more about the event in the guide.

Attention! Some events can start in different kingdoms on different days.

Good luck in the game!

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