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Awakening Sistem

Awakening Sistem

Awakening Sistem

On January 26, the Awakening 2.0 system will be introduced, which will reduce the requirements for awakening commanders, unlock new skills, improve active skills, and increase the maximum level of commanders from 60 to 80.

All the resources (tokens and books of wisdom) that you used to awaken the commanders earlier will be returned. Along with the change in functionality, the interface will also be optimized. Commander Sheila’s Awakening will be open from January 27!

Below you can see the details of the update.

Awakening of the Green Quality Commanders

To awaken Gold-quality commanders, you no longer need to activate the first skill.

In the Awakening 2.0 system, you will be able to awaken a commander quality:

  • green – up to 1★,
  • blue – up to 2★,
  • purple – up to 3★,
  • gold-up to 4★.

You will still need to pass the Weirwood 5-1 challenge and collect the books of wisdom.

New maximum level and army skills

The Awakening 2.0 system unlocks new specialization boosts, increases the maximum level of commanders, and unlocks new skills.

Commanders with Awakening 1★ deal 20% more damage with active skills and can be upgraded to Level 65 (+140% damage at Level 80). Improved Specialization skills 3★ are 1.6 times more effective (compared to + 20% of the Awakening System 1.0). The total bonus you can get for passive skills will be no less than in the Wake System 1.0.

Full refund of spent materials

All relics and grimoires spent before the introduction of the Awakening 2.0 system will be fully returned. Players will be able to reactivate the Commander Awakening levels they had before the new system was introduced. We have improved and simplified the wake-up window to make it easier for you to use it.

Universal Relics and grimoires will be sent to your in-game email after the January 26 update. You will be able to re-awaken your commanders, given the new opportunities.

The Awakening will be available to the following commanders: Se, Soren, Laena Waters, Annie, Robb Stark, Gorel, Jon Snow, Theon Greyjoy, Sheila from January 27. You can get Sheila Medals in the Weirwood Trials and exchange them for relics.

Ways to get universal relics: VIPShop, Amethyst Shop, Weirwood Memories, etc. Open the inventory in the Commander window to view all available relics and exchange them.

The grimoires you need to upgrade your skills can be obtained from the Rebel Camp Trophies of Level 4-5, or purchased from the Diamond or VIP Shop.

Frequently Asked questions and answers about the Wake Up 2.0 system

Q: I activated(a) Awakening Jon Snow to 4 stars in the Awakening System 1.0. Will I be able to re-awaken him to 4 stars with the returned materials, or will I need more relics and grimoires?

A: You won’t need additional materials, you will be able to awaken him to 4 stars with the same amount of materials after the upgrade.


Q: Will you return Universal Relics or Commander Relics by mail?

A: We will return universal relics of all levels and grimoires to you. You can use them at your own discretion.


Q: How many troops can I send along with five level 80 commanders? Is it possible to increase the number of troops in the castle garrison from the current 12 million?

A: Commanders of Level 80 can be upgraded to Rank X, which will significantly increase the size of their armies. You will find the exact numbers in the game itself.


Q: To awaken a commander to 4 stars, you need to upgrade him / her to level 80?

A: No. You can awaken up to 4 stars of gold commanders with improved skills. After waking up to 4 stars, the commander’s maximum level increases to 80.


Q: Do the commander’s stats increase to level 80?

A: Yes. The stats increase after level 60.


Q: Is the maximum Lord level increased from 60?

A: No. The maximum level of the lord remains 60.


Q: The maximum level of friendship of the commanders in the tavern has been increased from 60?

A: No. The maximum friendship level remains 60.


Q: I have friendship +1 stars and passive specialization +20% of 2nd and 3rd level. Will they stay in the new system?

A: The bonuses you received in System 1.0 will be reset, but you will be able to get them again in System 2.0. Improved specialization skills 3★ are 1.6 times more effective (compared to + 20% of System Awakening 1.0). The total bonus that you will be able to get for passive skills will be no less than in the Awakening system 1.0.


Q: The amplification effect in the new wake-up system is weaker. Why?

A: The specialization improvement is no weaker than in the previous version.

Please check out the “Upgrade Effect” and “Hidden Ability Effect” tabs to learn about the real power ups you can get. The reason why the specialization improvement looks weaker than the previous one is that the specialization skill gain indicator was changed in the description from +20% to 1.6 times. Take for example Jon Snow below.

Please check out the battle reports if you are still unsure about the powerups you are getting.

Q: I can’t awaken the commanders to the level I reached in the previous version. 

A: No, it’s not a mistake. Please note that the used tokens were returned as universal relics. You need to transform them before you can awaken the commanders.


Q: I don’t have enough resources to awaken the commanders to the level they were before. Did you return them all?

A: Yes, all resources are returned. Please note that the used tokens were returned in the form of universal relics of different quality. You need to convert them before you awaken the commanders. And the number of grimoires you received in the in-game mail attachments is correct.

Use the relics and grimoires to awaken the commanders and get bonuses.

Attention: this information is for informational purposes only. You can view the final version of the changes in the game.

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