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Guide – Weirwood Memories

Guide – Weirwood Memories

Weirwood Memories

Available by icon 

Duration – 8 days.

The Weirwood Memories is a special challenge.

There are three types of challenge difficulty available:

  • Normal
  • Elite
  • Epic

There are 15 stages available in each view.

Initially, only Normal calls are available.

Elite and Epic Call Discovery System

If you have passed Stage 1-1 (Normal), then stage 2-1 (Elite) will be available to you. To open Stage 2-2 (Elite), you need to pass stage 1-2 (Normal), etc.

Similarly, to open the Epic stages, you need to pass the Elite stages.

In each type of challenge, you need to spend 15 units Stamina to complete the stage.

If you win, players receive a reward и Weirwood Token.

Warning: The tokens will disappear after the event ends.

With each stage, the reward will be greater. The biggest reward can be obtained by completing Epic Challenges.

Weirwood Token You can use in-Store events to exchange for rare items.

The number of products is limited.

Some items are only available after completing certain difficulty levels.


  • Hector Medal – 9 000 Weirwood Token, limit 20
  • An Empty Throne Shard Chest – 20 000 Weirwood Token, limit 20
  • Barret Medal – 1 000 Weirwood Token, limit 110
  • O’Biehn Medal – 1 000 Weirwood Token, limit 110
  • Haley Medal – 650 Weirwood Token, limit 999
  • Kravras Medal – 650 Weirwood Token, limit 999
  • Varys Medal – 650 Weirwood Token, limit 999
  • Friendship Chest Gold – 3 000 Weirwood Token, limit 60
  • Spirit of Weirwood Tree – 2 000 Weirwood Token, limit 20
  • Roasted Chicken – 50 Weirwood Token, limit 999

Complete tasks to get an additional reward.

Attention: rewards and items can change from event to event.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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