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Guide – Devout Prayers

Guide – Devout Prayers

Devout Prayers

Available by icon

Pray to the Lord to receive his blessing and a generous reward!

You will have access to 12 bags and 3 wishes that will come true after you open the 4th, 8th and 12th bags.

Attention: the selection cannot be changed during the event.

The bags are opened in turn from 1 to 12. Opening the bags, in addition to the selected rewards, you will receive additional ones.

To open the bags, you need a Rope.

With each open bag will require more Rope.

For example, to open the first bag, you need 10 Rope, to open the second – 20, the third – 30, etc.

You will receive Rope for entering the game, collecting resources and killing bosses. You can also buy Rope for Black Diamonds.

You can surprise one of your friends and give them a gift containing Rope and other useful items.

Or you can ask your friends for a gift.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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